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A workshop/concert on African Diaspora & Canadian history Songs about Violet Desmond ,Marie Joseph Angelique, Mary Ann Shadd, Josiah Henson, Harriet Tubman, Emancipation Day. Faith plays slide guitar , banjo, ukelele and blues harp with a tambourine on her foot to keep the beat Students will join in learning the songs thru call and response singing..blues acappela African chants and indigenous songs ,R&B ,jazz. Reaggae Mi'kmaq Black music. The musical lyrics tells the story and history ages, sing a long, keep rhythms, and call and response INCLUDES CD AND SONGBOOK BY FAITH NOLAN


 OTHER MUSICAL WORKSHOP for March International Women's Month


Women & Equality

This workshop/concert focuses on storytelling and sing a longs thru song done in reggae, blues folk , ballads about various w omens achievements Native, disabled, poor and women of color who were born in or outside Canada who've stood to create justice and challenge the obstacles women face in jobs, homes, institutions and our everyday lives . Funny songs which deal with stereotypes/ help students understand the socialization of gender roles. Students will be educated through the words as they sing along. This workshop is a useful educational tool which can be used to help educators and students educate and celebrate International Women's month held in March each year.45-90 min.

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Musician singer songwriter Faith Nolan has been writing and performing songs  sharing music for many years. In this workshop or performance participants will learn multicultural songs that educate, commemorate and  celebrate. Participants will learn a call and response teaching method to share them with others, adults children within these cultures groups: Ojibway, Mi'kmaq, African/American and Canadian Black, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Tstso, Korean, Japanese and  Indonesian . A fun way to experience, gain knowledge and learn to share our musically mosaic world.

The workshop include a CD and songbook of multicultural songs entitled "DAY DONE BROKE", features (SETT) Singing Elementary Teachers of Toronto they are accompanied by some fabulous Toronto musicians. One Cd is instrumental, if you want to perform the song with choirs, singing group and the other is both instrumental and lyrical. This workshop celebrates and educates about our diverse history by featuring a mosaic of songs Participants are welcome to sing a long and percussion will be available. Faith will share the songs using a call and response method, easily adapted for classrooms and other educational settings CD AND SONGBOOK by FAITH NOLAN

CONTACT Agent :Ted Dyment; PH.705.932.3405 EMAIL :

EMAIL : or PH 416-537-8194

FAITH NOLAN BIOGRAPHY Faith Nolan is a longtime artist who is a community builder, She has performed at hundreds of schools across Canada and the USA using music to excite and educate from pre-school to universities. At present she is the musical director and founder of The Singing Elementary Teachers of Toronto, Two music therapy course for women prisoner in two Ontario jail, She directs the Ontario Canadian Union of Public Employee Group The Freedom Singers . She was awarded an arts and education grant thru Ontario arts Council in 2009 will be working with the Children of Nelson Mandela Public school preparing, teaching and creating more multicultural songs for children While playing numerous soil justice event she remains a composer and guitarist whose style varies from blues and folk, to jazz, with a taste of funk and reggae, is a seasoned performer who has built a strong and faithful audience.