DYKE MARCH /Art Gallery of Ontario Gig June 27th

Faith Nolan

Faith Nolan © 2008 Faith Nolan

Faith Nolan © 2008 Faith Nolan

Saturday, June 27
12 “ 1 pm
Walker Court
Free with admission

As part of the AGO's Pride programming, Faith Nolan social justice activist (Honoured Dyke to lead the 2009 Dyke March) will be performing a set in Walker Court. Faith Nolan was born in Halifax of African, Miqmaq and Irish heritage, has released 14 CD's to date. Her music is her political work [ firmly rooted in being working-class, a woman, African-Canadian and queer.

DYKE MARCH At 2pm JUNE 27th ( CHURCH and Hayden Street )please join me  to sing and  dance away at The Dyke March with your banners. noise makers for social justice. Our struggle continues. 

June 25th  Queering the Blues  9pm Libido  fundraiser for Dyke March Gladstone Hotel  ( toronto Queen and Dufferin) 

June 25th 6pm  Parkdale 10th Pride Celebration with The Freedom Singers -Parkdale  Centre Queen west of Dufferin

Check out TURTLE ISLANDS the first   recorded reggae calypso labour  music  by the CUPE  Ontario Freedom singers -20% of proceed donated t to  strike fund and social justice  the rest supports  costd of CUPE Freedom singers Contact( fhahn@cupe.on.ca)