1. CAMP SIS June 2011/2. School Closures: June 2011

Dear Friends please see below
1. CAMP SIS ( we need sistahs)
  Camp Sis  has begun  RENO  as of june 4th this summer.We have  a work  crew of  2o  sisters  coming to  Camp Sis  this weekend to  continue  renos  landscaping... Camp Sis is  community built  and owned  space  for women. Sister Doreen Falling Doll Silversmith ( mohawk warrior  womon  ) will  be  at the  land   most of the summer and fall to  greet meet  sisters who come to Camp Sis

INFO Camp SiS was founded by  MWIC   17 years  ago.  Today the- Toronto Indigenous and Women of Colour Collective  work  to give the  camp direction  It remains community owned and open to all women/trans children as a  safe space  to stay or  visit , healing arts  centre with revolutionary aims to  educate . The camp and the two buildings on it have been used over the past 17 years as a healing space for Six Nations and Aboriginal women. Our goal now is to expand the accessibility by “winterizing” the buildings to provide year round access for women.

 We  are working towards  our  dream of a  septic  system  running  water + electricity . We are located near Minden  Ontario For  more info  please contact us  at 


Making Camp SiS more accessible will require major improvements to the buildings including insulation, woodstoves, and plumbing upgrades - running water would be a dream come true. We are planning to install as many cost and energy efficient upgrades to the buildings as possible, taking advantage of solar energy for light for instance. 

We are in need of women power, labour, and donations in order to build this summer; it’s why we are seeking your support. The financial we receive will assist in purchasing materials to expand and enhance Camp SiS , making the year round access to the facility a reality for countless women.

 phone  416.760.2169

Please make checks payable to  CAMP SIS  

351 Queen St. E
P.O. Box 82575
Toronto Ont.
M5A 1T8

Our Camp Sis phone number is : 416.760.2169






            JUNE  14TH  2011  7PM 


! ! 15 Prospect St, Toronto, ON  


There are nine schools  which are up  for review. Together they serve  the 

poorest neighbourhoods in downtown  Toronto and each of the 

neighbourhoods they serve rely upon the school acting as a community hub for 

adult learners, pre-schoolers, after school programs and community 


 The eight schools under 

review are: 

Church St. JPS,Jesse 

Ketchum Jr. and Sr. PS,    

Lord Du!erin Jr. and Sr. PS,            

Market Lane Jr. and Sr. 

PS,Nelson Mandela Park Jr. 

and Sr. PS,                   

Regent Park/Duke of York 

JPS, Rose Avenue JPS, 

Sprucecourt JPS     

Winchester Jr. and Sr. PS